Russell Hobbs Plastic Brita Filter Purity Kettle 22851 3000 W - Transparent 1 L
£ 34.95

Top features:

- BRITA filter removes limescale and impurities for cleaner water 

- One-litre kettle with powerful 3 kW element to boil quickly 

- Pick it up left- or right-handed with 360? rotational base 

BRITA filter

Equipped with a replaceable BRITA filter, the Russell Hobbs Purity 22851 Jug Kettle can remove impurities like limescale from your water. You'll enjoy cleaner, tastier drinks and a kettle that lasts for longer.

A handy integrated cartridge replacement reminder alerts you when it's time to change your BRITA filter cartridge, so you can keep you kettle scale-free.

One-litre kettle with powerful 3 kW element

Boil up to a litre of water in your Purity 22851 Jug Kettle ? ideal for afternoon tea gatherings or for serving the family a cuppa after meals. The concealed 3 kW element helps to get water boiling sooner, and you can boil a single cup in much less time than standard kettles.

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